I am an artist and an experienced graphic designer. I had my degree in graphic design professional maturity between 2014-2018. Now I work as a freelancing designer for my own business and other startups. I enjoy very much working on diverse projects with both national and international teams. My hard work and attention to detail are what distinguish me among my peers. I consider myself as a self-motivated, nature-inspired, and skilful individual who likes to dive into adventures and keep developing. I believe everyone can achieve anything they want in life; it is only the consistency to keep moving that makes the difference.

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+41 76 541 22 07

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2021 – 2022
internship at sunnebüel
(workshop for disabled people)
Schüpfheim, Switzerland

working at seehalde
(group home for disabled people)
Seon, Switzerland

2020 – 2021
internship at zuwebe
(workshop for disabled people)
Zug, Switzerland

internship at Studio Najbrt
Prague, Czech Republic

2018 – 2019
graphic designer at E575
Lengnau, Switzerland

internship at Table-Six
Jakarta, Indonesia

internship at LIE Studio
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

→ design schools
2014–2018 Fachklasse Grafik Luzern (EFZ + BMS)
2013–2014 Preparatory Design Course Aarau (Vorkurs)

→ exhibitions
2018, kollektiv usghänkt: ineghid, Flüelen
2018, kollektiv usghänkt: art walk, Bremgarten
2019, beshesh, Wangen an der Aare